Working in Germany – Swing-Dance-Instructor

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Working in Germany – Swing-Dance-Instructor

Update: We have already found the best dance instructors for our start in July 2017.

So, keep in contact and ask for a free timeframe to work in the “Shim Sham”.

Engagement International Swing-Dance Instructor 

Get to know Germany. Learn the German language. Come to know and love the people and their culture.
An opportunity to gain experience that leaves enough room for your own development and advancement. 

Over the next years we are looking for short-term (3-4 months) or long-term Swing teachers.
International Swing-Dance Instructor at Dance Hall “Shim Sham”
– a secure job (employment or freelance) in Germany at a new swing dance school
– you should be capable of teaching at least two different dances  (Lindy Hop + Balboa or boogie-woogie or Shag)
– options for advanced training/qualification 
– you will teach dance courses at Shim Sham (max. 30 hours/week)
– during your engagement, you will teach 2 workshops (Fr/Sa/Su)
– as for the rest of the time, weekends (Sa/Su) are off  
– demand and interest provided, you may use our rooms to offer private lessons (potential additional income)  
– to the extent possible, you will not have to take care of organizational/administrative matters related to the dance school
– you will be expected to support and cooperate with the management
– you will be given 1 to 2 private German lessons per week
– we will provide an apartment / shared flat (for both instructors)
– we will provide a car that you may use
– good monthly salary
If you are interested in this position as a couple or two independent individuals, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  
We will also assist you with handling the official matters required for your stay in Germany.
However, if you cannot personally accept this job offer, you are welcome to forward it to your colleagues and dance instructors you know.


The town WebSite in German

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Eventa Zeche Westfalen
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or mail to Eventa Personal